HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol): The New Cannabinoid on the Block

HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol): The New Cannabinoid on the Block

As most people are familiar with THC and CBD, a new player has entered the game, HHC. HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol)has been labeled as the “new cannabinoid on the block,” as it has been gaining popularity in the cannabis community.  So much so that it can be purchased as almost every smoke shop in the USA.  You can buy HHC gummies in every shape and flavor, HHC carts in hundreds of different strains, and even HHC tinctures.  This article aims to provide you with comprehensive knowledge about HHC from its definition to its effects and legality.

What is HHC?

HHC is a compound found in cannabis that has psychoactive properties and is considered a cannabinoid. It is believed to have similar effects to THC but is significantly more potent. HHC is currently being hailed as the future of cannabinoids.

Many people are asking if HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid. Well, it is.  HHC can be found in both hemp pollen and in the seeds in small amounts. 

How is HHC Distillate made?

Although HHC is found naturally, it’s only there in very small amounts.  Therefore, 99% of all HHC distillate is made through a process of isomerization, a process that converts one cannabinoid into another.

HHC Products to Buy

HHC products come in different varieties, and as such, popular HHC products in the market today include HHC Gummies, HHC Carts (HHC vape cartridges), HHC disposable vape pens, and HHC Tinctures.

  • HHC Gummies are a tasty way to consume HHC, paired with your favorite flavors.
  • HHC Carts are the easiest way to vape HHC with many users claiming it as being practical and discreet.
  • HHC disposable vape pens are also another option for easy usage.
  • HHCTinctures are great for those who prefer higher strengths and a cost effective solution.

What does HHC feel like?

The psychoactive effects of HHC are like the “high” that people get from THC but stronger. It is reported to produce effects such as intense euphoria, increased focus, and heightened senses. However, individual reactions to HHC can still vary.

Online HHC reviews:

“It had me feeling like I was floating on clouds.”

“The intensity of the high was out of this world.”

“It made me feel super relaxed, but also energized!”

“The flavors were great, and the high was even better.”

“It gave me motivation and energy to tackle my day-to-day tasks.”

“The high was very clean and clear, and I didn’t feel couch locked.”

“It was like experiencing a body and mind alignment.”

“After taking it, I felt like I was in a meditative state for hours.”

“The onset was quick, and the high lasted for hours.”

“I felt like all the stress and anxiety were lifted off my shoulders.”

Will you fail a drug test on HHC, and how long does it stay in your system?

Since HHC and THC share numerous chemical similarities, there is a possibility that HHC might trigger a positive drug test. It can stay in your system for up to four days, depending on your metabolic rate and frequency of use.

Differences between HHC and THC.

HHC and THC are both cannabinoids, but the primary difference is their chemical compositions. HHC has six hydrogen atoms and is more potent than THC, which contains five hydrogen atoms. Another difference is in the perceived potency. HHC is three times as potent as THC. THC causes a “high,” whereas HHC produces psychedelic effects. Most importantly, THC is illegal in many parts of the US, while HHC is legal.

Is HHC legal?

As of this writing, HHC is legal in many states in the US. However, we still advise you to check with your local authorities and the laws governing your region before making a purchase.


HHC is a close relative of THC, but it’s much more potent and has stronger psychedelic effects. HHC is gaining popularity in the cannabis market and comes in a variety of forms such as gummies, vape cartridges, disposable vape pens, and tinctures. HHC is similar in chemical composition to THC but has more hydrogen atoms, making it more potent. Although HHC is legal in many states, you still must check your local laws before making a purchase.